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We were among the first who gained ISO 9001-2000 Certificate in Poland.

Lexus - the star of financial markets and vindication

Kancelaria Prawna „Lexus” ("Lexus" Law Office)

is an expert within receivables recovering and legal care for Polish and foreign firms and institutions.

Our products and services are simultaneously directed towards the biggest financial institutions and companies from SME sector. We sell our services to foreign clients as well.

The most important spheres of our actions are: full vindication, legal assistance and negotiations support, legal advice.

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Our advantage is young and dynamic staff and modern technologies.

Our achievements are: our Clients' confidence and constant position among the biggest vindication companies in Poland. The confirmation of our results are our awards and positions in various branch ratings.

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Kancelaria Prawna "Lexus" has been noticed by foreign investors. At the moment we are conducting talks and negotiations connected with future cooperation. We hope that in the near future our company will become the subject of interest of other world potentates within finances and management.

The biggest players on financial market, firms and institutions with global approach committed their receivables to us. Their content is visible in our reference letters.

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We are in disposition of modern IT and physical protection devices and also technical infrastructure which guarantees safety of conducted processes and data.

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In August 2003 Kancelaria Prawna „Lexus” was one of the first who implemented Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001-2000.
In September 2006 we went under another positive certification audit, which prolonged the validity of the certificate for another 3 years.

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